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Look for your EAP results in the mail by late summer. The results will be included in your STAR Student Report. If you do not receive a copy of your STAR report, please see your counselor in September.

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If your EAP status indicates that you are not yet ready for college level English or math courses, you must take the college entrance exams once you have been accepted for admission.

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The Early Assessment Program (EAP) measures your English and math skills towards the end of the 11th grade to let you know in advance if you are ready for college. This assessment portion of the EAP is officially called the Early Assessment of Readiness for College English and for College Mathematics, but it is also commonly referred to as the EAP English Test and the EAP Math Test.

The EAP consists of two parts:

  • Early Assessment of Readiness for College English (15 additional items and a 45-minute essay)
  • Early Assessment of Readiness for College Mathematics (15 additional items)

If you elect to take the EAP test, you will receive a letter at the beginning of your senior year informing you whether or not you can enroll in for-credit freshman English classes when you attend the California State University or a participating California Community College.

How to Participate in the EAP

It's easy to participate in the EAP. EAP is an optional part of the 11th grade standardized English and math tests, also known as the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) tests. These test will be given to you towards the end of your junior year.


  • Look for the 15 additional multiple choice questions for the EAP. This section of the test is marked by an EAP logo.
  • Be sure to "bubble in" the area that indicates that you want your EAP results released to the CSU, the CCC, or both.
  • This section of the test is optional, but you need to answer the questions to participate in the EAP.
  • For math, only students taking the STAR test in Algebra 2 or High School Summative Mathematics are eligible to participate in the EAP.
  • For English, you will need to complete the additional essay.  The essay, which is based on a short non-fiction passage (less than 100 words), is often scheduled at a later date by your school.




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