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For extra help honing your skills in English and mathematics and practice tests for college placement exams, please visit the following websites:

CSU English Success
CSU Math Success


Know the Benefits

The Early Assessment Program (EAP) measures student English and math skills at the end of the junior year to let students know in advance if they are ready for college level work.

If you elect to take the EAP math and English tests, you will receive an EAP status at the beginning of your senior year informing you whether or not you are ready to enroll in for-credit math and English courses.

If you are not ready, you can take advantage of your senior year to prepare for college.

Students who take the EAP may be able to:  

  • Skip the otherwise required college English and/or mathematics placement tests.
  • Identify the need for additional preparation in English and math and adjust senior-year coursework to prepare for college while still enrolled in high school.
  • Save time and money by avoiding college remediation courses that do not count toward a degree.

Results Notification

Your EAP results will be mailed to you by late summer. The results will be included in your STAR Student Report, indicating how well you performed on your 11th grade standardized tests and on the EAP.


  • If you do not receive a copy of your STAR report, please see your counselor in September.
  • You can determine your EAP status through the Online EAP Status Check which is available on the CSU website.  Check your results >


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